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Before you think of anything else, the most important piece of biking apparel is your safety helmet.  You could be wearing that and normal clothes and still be considered somewhat safe.  The rest is for looks with some exceptions that actually help you stay safe.  You can wear knee pads, shin pads, and elbow pads to keep the other sensitive areas of your body protected in the event of a crash.  Again, this safety equipment isn’t going to get you a guarantee that you’re going to come out the other end of a crash unscathed.  That just doesn’t happen.  What they can do is lower the severity of the injuries you do experience and hopefully inflict less pain.
On the clothing side of things, you have everything you could possibly think of in this area, including shirts, shorts, shoes, pants, and many other items.  Every activity that’s reached a reasonable level of popularity has merchandise ready and waiting for the right price.  Don’t go too crazy though.  If it’s your thing, go for the understated look because it’s easy to get carried away when you’re shopping for new toys.  Plus, you can end up looking ridiculous and losing your credibility with your fellow riders.  Part of cycling is having the ability to fit in because a lot of people that go riding often travel in groups.  You wouldn’t want your group to make fun of you after you decided to go crazy in the gift shop.  As with everything else in life, a little moderation wouldn’t hurt. [More on Biking Apparel]

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There are many ways to pimp your bike.  From bike stickers to handlebar mirrors there is no shortage of accessories to add to your bike.  In fact in the last 15 years the bike accessory industry has grown by leaps and bounds and continues to thrive and expand.
There are many accessories you can buy to make your bike look better and make cooler but there are some accessories that are required for an entirely different reason.  A very useful bike accessory is a bike computer.  This device is very handy because it can really improve your riding.  It is relatively inexpensive and can have a multitude of different functions.  Most bike computers can track your speed, show your maximum speed, average speed, total distance, trip distance and riding time. They can also be used as a stop watch, a clock, and track your calorie exertion. They are light and can easily mount on to your bike.
Another reason some bike accessories are essential is safety.  Bike helmets should be a staple of your routine.  If you don’t have one, you need one.  Most laws associated with bike helmet safety are targeted toward children.  In fact, currently twenty-one states and the District of Columbia have bicycle helmet laws that require some young bicyclists to wear a helmet. Local law may require helmet use for some or all bicyclists.   While these laws are for children and young adults I would highly suggest that adults pick up a bicycle helmet as well.  Bicycle helmets are not fashion accessories they are safety accessories and one day they could save your life.  [More on Bike accessories]      Add to Delicious Bookmark Future Cycling at